Service agreement

I. Service terms verification and acceptance
"Lumahgo website" registered user services ownership and operation authority are belong to "LUMAHGO SDN. BHD.". Services provided must follow the company procedures, service terms and operating rules. When user clicked the "Submit" button and registered as member online, it means users and “Lumahgo website” have agreed and accept all the service terms, rules and conditions by Lumahgo website.

II. Service introduction
"Lumahgo website" through international online portal, utilise company information and services to provide international Help-Me-Buy service. Clients must provide details, accurate and legal validity personal information, and able to provide correct info promptly in case there are any changes on data.

User can authorise "Lumahgo website" providing personal information to any third party. However, Lumahgo website is responsible to protect client personal detail from leaking out. Unless:
1、Client requests "Lumahgo website" or authorises someone to disclose this information through the email service.
2、Government law and relevant rule and regulations require "Lumahgo website" in providing client personal detail.

If users provide inaccurate, illegal and invalid information, we have the right to suspend or terminate the user account for using "Lumahgo website". Upon registration as user at "Lumahgo website", user has already agreed with all "Lumahgo website" service terms and conditions provided.

III. Service modification
"Lumahgo website" has the authority to modify or stop the service and will not be responsible to any party including users."Lumahgo website" has the authority to modify or stop the service and will not be responsible to any party including users.

IV. Service terms modification
"Lumahgo website" shall change the service terms and conditions accordingly depending on the situation. If any "Lumahgo website" services terms changes happen, we will modify content of the webpage notification before the users enter the next step. If you agreed to the changes, click the "I agree" button. If not, cancel your user services.

Registered user can continue using our services "Lumahgo website" as long as users accept both:
1、Verify "Lumahgo website" user registration terms and condition changes.
2、Accept all the services terms and conditions.

V. User account / Top-up account / Password protection
Once you have registered as an user, you will have user ID and password. You are legally liable for all actions that occur based on your username and password in accordance with the government laws and regulations. So please keep the account and password safely and do not expose to anyone. Otherwise, you have to responsible for any consequences that happen. If you discovered your password is not longer safe, then please change it immediately. You are free to make modification on password and particulars anytime soon. Also, you can terminate old account and then register a new account. If you have discovered any inlawful use of your account or security concerns, please immediately inform "Lumahgo website".

VI. User privacy protection rules
To protect your privacy is very important for us. We will try the best to keep your personal information safe. Make sure you understand and know "Lumahgo Users Privacy Policy" in order for us to provide you the best service.

VII. User management
Users are responsible for any declaration contents. Users respect the services provided as it adheres to state, contry and international laws practices.

Users shall respect the following:
1、Any declarations shall fulfill the China state laws.
2、Shall not involved in any illegal use of the registered account.
3、Interrupt and misuse the internet services provided.
4、Respect all the registered users' service agreement, term and regulations.

Online registered users send and receive message through internet. User behavior is according to the state internet laws, rules and regulations. Users shall promise not to illegally transfer any harassing, abusive, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, obscene related messages. Besides, users shall not transfer messages that influence others to involve in illegal activity and offences; not to transfer messages that affect state security and safety concerns; shall not spread any messages that not adhere to state, country and international law and regulations. Prohibited unauthorise access to other computer system and program. If users do not adhere to the above service terms and regulations, "Lumahgo website" has the rights to immediately terminate user registered account.

Users shall be responsible for any actions at "Lumahgo website" registered account that bear state laws consequences. If users spread any inlawful messages including anti-government action, pornographic or other violations of state laws message at "Lumahgo website" registered account, "Lumahgo website" could hold the records and take them as envidence for any prohibited actions.

VIII. Service termination
User or "Lumahgo website" could terminate registered user services anytime depend on the actual circumstances. "Lumahgo website" wouldn't held any responsibilities for any parties prior to service termination. If users against and not happy with the services terms, or againt the "Lumahgo website" registered user services, user can take below actions:
1、No longer utilise "Lumahgo website" online services.
2、Terminate user account at "Lumahgo website" as a valid registered user.
3、Inform "Lumahgo website" to stop the user account services.

After service termination, the right of using "Lumahgo website" registered user services will be terminate immedately. At the same time, "Lumahgo website" will no longer hold any responsibilites for the user.

IX. Limited responsibility
"Lumahgo website" would not responsible for direct, indirect or odd or special lost event. Those losts originated from: Inappropiate use of online member service, or illegal use of service to spread information. This will affect the image and reputation of "Lumahgo website". Hence, "Lumahgo website" stated here for the possibilities of these losts.

X. Announcement
All the announcements will be sent to users through email service. "Lumahgo website" will make announcement through email including service terms modification, change of services or other important events.

XI. Participation in advertisement planning
Users can add promotional materials or participate in advertisement planning in their published information, and display their products on the "Lumahgo website". Any such promotional methods, including the shipments, payments, services, commercial conditions, warranties and advertising-related descriptions, are only occurring between the corresponding user and the advertising seller. "Taobao Store By LumahGo" does not undertake any responsibility. "Lumahgo website" is not responsible for any part of these advertisement sales.

XII. Email content ownership
All the email contents include wordings, software, voices and images, videos, charts; all content in the advertisement; the entire contents of the email; and the business information provided by the "Lumahgo website" to the user. Email contents stated here are protected under copyright, trademark and patent state laws. Users only can use the content after obtained agreement from "LUMAHGO SDN. BHD." and advertisers. Illegally use of copyright content will be charged under state laws.

XIII. Rules and regulations
Email service terms and regulations shall adhere to state laws, including use of email content. Users and "LUMAHGO SDN. BHD." agreed to obey all the rules and regulations stated by Government. If any terms and regulations against the state laws then the interperation of the rules will be reset, while the rest still remain the same.