Claim / Compensation

If the package is lost due to LumahGo, LumahGo negligence during transportation, LumahGo, LumahGo will make the following compensation:

Sea freight Help-Me-Buy
Compensation will be made according to the product [purchase price]. Sea freight Shipment
Compensation shall be settled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Warsaw Convention. Parcel express claims shall be settled at the value declared by the customer or 5 times the freight, whichever is lower, but the maximum compensation for each express shipment shall not exceed US$100. * LumahGo LumahGo is not responsible for damage, broken, button operation and other problems of the product. Make sure you ask the Taobao seller to do a good job of packaging (do a wooden frame / wrapping with bubble wrap). * If the goodies are bought from our Help-Me-Buy service,the seller sends the wrong item, the size and color , we will provide [no service fee is required] to help the customer recover the loss from the seller, the final compensation amount is determined by the seller, LumahGo, LumahGo will not be responsible for paying the full amount or making up the difference . * When happen compensation dispute occurs, the latest service terms shall prevail.