Sensitive / Prohibited Items

Those which are not listed here do not guarantee that they are not sensitive items. If you have any questions, please consult Lumahgo customer service before you decide to purchase.

For the above mentioned items, LumahGo gets customs clearance through a special way, so the shipping fee would be more expensive. Please consult LumahGo customer service to obtain further shipping information.

* Air freight sensitive items MUST be shipped via sensitive channel (if customers insist on general channel, the consequences will be borne by the customer for any happens to have customs forfeiture, fines, returns and other extra costs incurred).
* Lost parcels will be compensated by LumahGo (please refer here to find out the amount of compensation). If the items are confiscated the customs (whether general items/sensitive items), LumahGo is not responsible for them.

* Air freight not allow to ship mobile phones, cameras, televisions, notebooks and computers (the mentioned items can be shipped through LumahGo sea freight).
* Any prohibited items will be "directly rejected" and the customer will be blacklisted without notifying the customer.
* If the items cause confiscation, fine or even prosecution by the police at the customs, we will cooperate with the customs and provide relevant information. All responsibilities will be borne by the customers.